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Asked: 3 years ago

Eyes of death???

Has anyone managed to get the eyes of death to work? If so, how and where did you do it, and what exactly happened?

Additional details - 3 years ago

I've tried using them in several places at around soul level 80 while in the gravelord covenant. I hear that when you activate them, they 'invade' 3 other random players' worlds and make the enemies harder to kill and you get a cut of the souls they harvest. If they find your gravelord sign, then they can invade you.
Never has any of this ever happened for me, I've never received extra souls, nor has anyone ever invaded me... I just run around in circles for an hour with a black smoke coming out of my character.
Also, when I actually find gravelord signs, presumably from someone whose eyes of death are affecting my world, the enemies are no harder, and when I try to activate their sign and invade, it never works. It just says 'failed to create server' or something like that.
So yeah, I'm just trying to see if the majority of peoples' exerience with them is the same as mine, or if people are able to get it to work. Thanks.

Additional details - 3 years ago

In response to EtherRush: Yeah, I was in human form when using the eyes, and I've never had problems with the other covenants in terms of getting invaded, invading or summoning. The eyes just haven't worked for me...
That's why I wonder how they're working for other players because I'm always getting that 'disasters are gone after defeat of the gravelord servant' message, and sometimes I find gravelord signs on the ground, so I assume that people are using the eyes of death and me. Even so, I've never noticed any difference in my world, nor have I ever been able to successfully invade the gravelord servant's world.

Additional details - 3 years ago

As an example, the last time I used an eye, I was in the area with the baby skeletons just before Nito. I was human and I had not defeated Nito. I ran around in that area for a bit. I wasn't getting any extra souls. Suddenly I was invaded and I thought, 'finally! It worked!'...but I'm pretty sure it was just a normal red phantom because when I beat him, I didn't get any extra eyes of death, just some humanity and souls.

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From: EtherRush 3 years ago

It looks like you're doing it right. It could also be that people who are infected are just simply waiting for the infection to go away (you logging out or dying some other way). I'm not sure what else to tell you. But here's some reassurance that it does work though:

Invading a Gravelord:

Example of a black phantom version of a creature for host that is infected:

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How is your online? Have you been able to co-op at all (whether to help a host, or be helped by a phantom)? Or PvP via being invaded by a Darkwraith or Spirit of Vengeance? If not, then there may be something wrong with your connection that's not letting you enjoy those online features.

Also, remember that you should be in Human form in an area where the boss is still alive, or else your Eyes of Death are just wasted and do not actually infect anybody.

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