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Can i still upgrade??Please help

unfortunately i accidentily hit the first blacksmith u meet, and he just wants to fight now.So i had no choice but to kill him becouse he would follow me into a boss fight.I couldn't get the repair kit from him to upgrade,will other blacksmiths have that so i can upgrade or???

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Somebody please help lol, becouse my questions are never answered 8(

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Ok thank you, ill have to start actually at the part after you beat the boss from the depths and get the key to blighttown an have a level 68 character but im guessing your gonna need that smithbox to upgrade weapons to beat the harder areas\bosses in the game?

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The item you want is the weapon smithbox, not the repair kit (this only repairs items, not upgrade). And yes, as far as I know, Andre is the only one who sells it previous to patch 1.05. After this patch, other blacksmiths sell additional items that weren't sold by them before, although i'm not sure if the weapon smithbox is included with these changes. In any case, andre is one if not "the" most important blacksmith. without him you loose the chance to create +10 normal, +15 normal, all divine, all occult, all raw, lightning (since it requires a base +10 weapon), and demon (also requires a base +10 weapon). If you just met him, I would advise you to start over since it's almost the begining of the game. And the next time you upset one of the NPCs, don't kill him, absolve your sins to befriend him again with Oswald (the laughing guy after the bellfry gargoyles (kind of expensive, but worth it in these cases)

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Well, not really. You can still create fire, magic, and enchanted weapons, other blacksmiths can still upgrade weapons via twinkling titanite (weapons dropped by the black knights), and they can upgrade every armor too. If you don't want to start over, you could make a fire weapon with vamos the blacksmith in the catacombs (check him on the wiki); those weapons are as good as anything else you can find, so they're a good choice all around. Point is, if you have the skill you'll finish the game with or without Andre, and if you start new game + you'll have another chance to get from him whatever you want without loosing your current progress

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