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Why is dark souls on 360 but demon souls was not?

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MechaRoachmon answered:

As per my understanding:

Dark Souls belongs fully to From Software, they not only developed it by themselves, but also self-published the title in Japan for the PS3 only. So, when Namco Bandai approached them for negotiations, it was possible to have it published for the 360 worldwide.

Demon's Souls on the other hand, was not developed by From alone, they had help from Sony Computer Entertainment; not only that, but SCE also published it in Japan, so it's obvious that at least part of Demon's Souls name/brand/intellectual property belongs to SCE, who would never allow it to lose its "exclusive" status.

So that's why Demon's Souls is not on the 360 even though it was published by Atlus and Namco Bandai worldwide.
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