Question from ortizalan

I need help finding the best weapon for my stats?

My stats are LVL: 68 Souls 90000 Vitality:23 Attunement 14 Endurance 17 Strength 34 dex 21 resistance:15 intellingence 15 faith 12


GameOverlord345 answered:

Since your strength is the highest I'd recommend
Large Club
Great Club
Manserpant Greatsword
Dragon Bone Fist
Dragon Tooth
Reinforce Club
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_SYKOTIK_ answered:

You have high strength and relatively high dexterity, so I'd suggest the Black Knight Greataxe. It's a drop from Black Knights with axes and is a good weapon.
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Cezovic answered:

Another weapon that you could get is the zweihander as it scales decently with strength and a bit on dexterity. It is found in the cemetery before the catacombs.
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