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Is there point getting over 76 poise?

Can anyone shed some light about poise overkill (e.g. havel's set @121) since 76 seems to the highest threshold.

0strava provided additional details:

Mud, I think I know what you're trying to say - more poise prevents you from getting stunned by consecutive hits.
So in theory you can never have too much poise.

However, I believe there is a method to get out of stunlock without building poise


Mud_Chan answered:

Well, there is to take multiple hits of certain weapons, though by that point you're probably missing the whole point of poise to begin with. I have heard BKGA requires somewhere in the 80s to take a 2h hit, but I am relatively certain this is false.

There is also risk associated with going higher, as certain knockdown attacks become stuns, allowing you to get hit twice rather than just once. WoG and Seath's tail attack are examples of this.

So, I would say don't exceed 76. If you notice a specific weapon you frequently face still causing stuns, raise higher if it is a problem. I would also suggest you think of lowering below 76 unless Zwei/GS are an actual problem.
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