Question from Andyvica1409

Diferences btwin NG??

Beside the level of enemies is there diferences btwin new games??
Item spell somethin??


fofoandmaherhot answered:

Full list of changes from NG to NG +
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louisbannie321 answered:

Enemies are three times harder but also drop three times as many souls.
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r9devyatka answered:

The difficulty of the game will increase after every successful completion. You will be allowed to keep all your items, weapons and armor, along with your current Soul Level and number of Souls. You won't get to keep any of your keys, Embers or unique Lord Souls (though you do keep regular Boss Souls). You will also have to reclaim the Rite of Kindling and Abyss-walking, as well as the Lordvessel. Despite retaining your previous strength, the massive jump in difficulty on your subsequent plays may still crush you back to reality. To summarise, your first playthrough will be of a normal difficulty.The second playthrough, your first New Game+, will present a huge step up in difficulty. Then, every subsequent New Game+, from New Game+ 2 up to New Game+ 6, will have a consistent, smaller increase in difficulty each time. New Game+ 7 will be the same as 6, and remain unchanged from then onwards. Enemies
will have higher health, attack and defense values. Health values will increase from between 1.5 to 2.5 times their old amounts,depending on the enemy. Attack power will increase by 1.3 to 2.3 times, while defense will increase by up to 1.6 times, or otherwise remain unchanged.
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