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How do I beat the bell gargoyle ?

Please help me I'm in undead parish on my first playthrough and getting very frustrated.

ScuxdeluxeNZ provided additional details:

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I don't have online

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imbored1190 answered:

Learn the bell gargoyles attack patterns. Try becoming human again and this allows you summon knight Solair and knight Lautrec. Summoning them makes makes it a lot easier. To summon you need to talk to Solair, he's before the dragon on the bridge and free Lautrec in the second floor of the church.
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inf3rn0_munkee answered:

Best bet is to get into human form and summon help. If you're playing offline you can summon Solaire.

Also, try getting behind them and attacking. Keep your shield up as much as possible and circle the gargoyle until you can hit it.
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