Question from ScuxdeluxeNZ

Asked: 3 years ago

What level should I be to beat the game?

Well im level 66 at the moment and in blighttown and struggling.So what level will make things easier?

Accepted Answer

From: Wratts 3 years ago

It's difficult to answer because it's different for everybody. There are quite a few people that can beat this game on extremely low levels, but if you're struggling, I think the best advice is to summon other players for help or just gain levels and improve your equipment until you get the impression that you have a fair challenge. That being said, this game is designed with challenge in mind, so just leveling up won't really make it easier on you.

Also worth mentioning is that improving your equipment--collecting useful consumables, upgrading weapons and armors, and assembling a list of practical spells--that is much more powerful than raw character level alone.

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