Question from Cezovic

Is it possible to collect more than one of the same miracles/sorceries from covenant characters?

The covenant sorceries/miracles are:
Chaos Storm
Chaos Fire ball
Darkmoon blade
Lightning Spear
Great Lightning Spear
Sunlight Spear
Gravelord Sword Dance
Gravelord Great Sword Dance.

I am wondering is it posible to recollect these in in each new run through the game.

Accepted Answer

PHoToS999 answered:

Sadly no. Unless you found some sort of crazy glitch...
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XxKillJoy07xX answered:

If you have said M/S/P in your inventory than no. you cannot. However, you can equip said M/S/P more than once if you have more than one attunement slot and you will then double the # of uses in your inventory. It will only show up once though. i.e. 3 attunement slots. soul arrow is equipped twice and heal is equiped once. you will have 42 uses of soul arrow (instead of 21) and 4 uses of heal.

P.S. I made those #'s up..
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