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Darkroot Garden Farming?

Okay, so I was curious to know where the knight that uses the Elite Knight armor/Fog ring wielding a claymore goes after a couple runs into the area. After a couple rounds through the area, the dude disappeared. Nowhere to be seen. A long time later though, I saw him again (not in the front though) when I wasn't farming, but rather running through to get the ember... where the heck did he come from? I'd like to include him into my farming runs, but I dunno where he spawns.

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And for the sake of my pride, I don't do that stupid trick where you hide in the corner and wait for them to Mario jump over - I go in there and get my souls the old-fashioned way. Plus its a great way to practice ripostes and having 12 VIT on NG+ keeps you on your toes! Also, could he possibly be somewhere near Pharis?

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Yeah, I ran around the place and found him again - when I killed him he didn't respawn. Ah well.

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MdC08 answered:

There's actually two of them, though both should be in the same general area as all the other Forest Hunter NPCs. Neither is supposed to respawn, though. The first one is the first guy you'll typically fight when coming into the area via the Artorias Crest door, and the second one is just beside Pharis. I've heard conflicting stories on whether they respawn, but they never have for me on patch 1.05. Not sure about previous versions, though.
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