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Asked: 2 years ago

Killed two guys?

I got angry when i got killed by a boss for a 1000 times and the I just killed the two guys in Firelink Shrine (a random dude and a covent...or whatever it is called) Will that hunt me down and ruin my game? (sorry if I wrote anything wrong)

Additional details - 2 years ago

after some time, I had invaded another world, and done some other things, I came back to Firelink Shrine and there was two guys and a woman that attacked me....but I killed them too....

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No it won't hunt you down, but later on you may realize you need the people you killed for items/ spells and such. But of course, due to the brutal nature of Dark Souls, you won't be able to restore them :(

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Seriously? And it doesn't change anything if you invade another player's world?

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Just Restart because there is no woy at all to restore them unles you just restart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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