Question from Zaenos

How, exactly, does the strength bonus from two-handing work?

I know two-handing gives you a "1.5x strength bonus", but does this mean your one-handed strength modifier to damage is multiplied 1.5x or that your modifier is calculated as if you had 1.5x the strength you do.

I ask because levels above 40 give diminishing returns, and so if it is the latter, then the most efficient 2H build should stop at 27 strength, right?


Wratts answered:

It's calculated based on your Strength being multiplied by 1.5, scaled by the Strength Parameter Bonuses of your weapon, and NOT calculated by multiplying your one-handed strength-based damage modifier.

As for your second question, it depends. Some ultra greatswords have higher Strength requirements and could benefit from being wielded in one hand rather than two, occasionally, but there is no clear answer to it. Also, diminishing returns or not, but you might want to tickle out as much extra damage as you can.
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