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I am struggling with an Eye of Death user...?

I am currently in the Tomb of the Giants. I wanted to go face the Gravelord Nito, but I realize that I see a bunch of red-phantom versions of these skeleton dogs and giant skeletons. There's so many of them too, like about 8 so far.

Is there a way to remove this Eye of Death curse upon me other than looking for this "summon sign"? I can't get far enough to even find it cause I die too much by these overpowered boners.

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Saberwolfe579 answered:

Sorry to say but you'll most likely have to do some grinding or hope another player kills him off. If you need to resort to grinding I highly recommend doing so in the Darkroot Garden. The area right outside the door you unlock with the crest you buy from the blacksmith has a bonfire next to behind a false wall. Rest at that bonfire and kill the human opponents in there for an easy 7k. Rest at the bonfire and repeat.
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