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Accidentally killed Eingyi?

So let's say I end up accidentally killing a key character in the Demon Ruins that I need to unlock all the pyromancy spells.
Would that character be alive if I invade another player's world, and would I be able to talk to him, and buy the pyromancies from him?

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GameOverlord345 answered:

1) You can't invade in Quelaags Domain
2) Yes, if the host did not kill him, he would be alive
3) But you would see him as a ghost
4) So you would not be able to talk to him
5) LOL you killed Eingyi
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qirien answered:

Sorry, you can start over or go to NG+ -- there is no way for you to get those pyromancies this game. :-(
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Vidius101 answered:

Don't worry about Eingyi. He's not really that important. He sells stuff that you can buy from other ppl.
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rockn75 answered:

I'm sorry for your loss, i made the same mistake on my first playthrough, thinking he was an enemy. However, do not fret, his pyromancies seriously suck, and if you are going for the trophy, just grab every other pyromancy and NG+, beating quelaag in NG+ is fairly easy, even if you don't want to do a whole ng+ playthrough, hope this helped. And good luck in your dark souls ventures
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