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What I know on hollow and living STATMENT?

Hollow: so far I know it let's you look like a living slim Jim
Living: Let's you summon sun knight guy for gargoyle boss if there's more that I'm not telling you I'm sorry I just beat the gargoyle you can post what ever I'm missing you can put as an "answer" P.S I'm sorry I don't know how to post on board


Lcoz answered:


Hollow - You don't usually get invaded, but can't ordinarily summon help. You can assist others by laying a soul sign down. Certain offline invaders won't spawn if you're in hollow form so you might miss out on their drops.

Living - Can co-op, invade others, get invaded. You can kindle bonfires, which increases the number of estus flasks you can hold on to at one time.

As for posting on the board, it's pretty easy. Click the "Board" tab, then click the "post a new topic" link beneath the tabs.
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