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Best setup for Blighttown?

I'm about to enter Blighttown and wondering what equipment would be the best to equip down there.
For weapons I have the Drake Sword, Black Knight Sword, Claymore, Zweihander and Uchigatana, as well as the other normal drops.
For shields I have the Spider, Spiked, Gargoyle and Hollow Soldier, as well as the other normal drops.
And just basic armour equipped.


Cezovic answered:

Before going into blightown backtrack to the blacksmith in the undead parish and there a door opposite him go through that doorand run pass the prowling demon as I don't think you will have the stats to beat it yet and get into dark root garden fight your way pass a couple of minor enemies until you get to a big door that you will need a seal to open. to the left is a bonfire (do not rest at) and to the right is a path that goes down into another section of the garden in here there is a very good armour set the elite knight set but it is guraded by four demonic foliages and two stone knights.once you have it you have the option to take on the moonlight butterfly (with the assistance of beatrice if you are human) or use a homeward/homward bone to warp to your last bonfire and continue through blighttown, where I suggest you use your zweihander and uchigatana as your weapons and the hollow warrior shield until you get to the swamp then change to a gargoyle shield.
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XxKillJoy07xX answered:

^^ what? spider shield and pyromancer armor. you can find pyromancer armor in the middle of the area on the opposite wall from where you come in; directly between quelaags domain and the leech nest. any weapon, (user preference) personally though i like the halberd. long range and backstep + R1 will do a downward slash which easliy kills all those pesky mosquitos
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neohampster answered:

Best set-up for Blighttown you ask? Do what I ALWAYS do! Pick the master-key gift (or start as a thief), go down into New Londo, take a right after you pass the first zombie guy in the stairway into another stairway down, unlock the gate (with the master-key) cross the bridge and BAM there you are in the shortcut OUT of Blighttown, basically all the way at the bottom and about a 2 minutes walk from punching Quelaag in her stupid spider face. Trust me when I say I do NOT go through blighttown anymore, unless I really want the Iato or something silly in the middle I don't even remember the layout of the upper section anymore because screw that place and screw its flamethrower dogs, fat plague men and toxic inducing blowdart snipers.
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Shroom_Soul answered:

Master Key and lots of Purple Moss. Take shortcut at Valley of Drakes and run past those big ass mofos. The boss is not too difficult.
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