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How to best defend from invaders?

Every time I am invaded, the invader always kills me. Can anyone give me tips on how to fend off invaders?


Rin400 answered:

I had that problem too, I would be so far along and some guy at level 200+ would invade and kill me outright in one hit! the solution is rather simple- sign out of your PSN account, the only downside is you wont have those messages on the ground to help and you cant summon help from friendly players. But you CANT BE INVADED so there you go, To sign out just go to account settings under the PSN section on your hub and press the triangle button and select sign out.
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MechaRoachmon answered:

Also, you can't be invaded in undead form.

But if what you want is to play with friends and all....well, you're out of luck.

My only advice is to gear up (especially getting an elemental weapon) to improve your fighting chances and, quoting the advice from a playthrough series of videos, stop "being bad at Dark Souls".

Not meant to be offensive, but the game is quite skill-based, so learning to strafe, backstab, parry, roll, etc will really help you, more than anything else you can do (unless you're being lagstabbed...that's...a whole different beast).
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