Question from Cezovic

Is it possible to tune the Crystal Greatsword?

I'm referring to the one you get from domnhall of zena. According to the official guide it is possible to tune it but it does not say how, But I am sceptical about trusting the guide as there are several inaccuracies in it.

Cezovic provided additional details:

In the question I put tuning where I meant to say upgrading.


PHoToS999 answered:

I have absolutely never, ever heard of such a thing as "tuning."
I know the crystal GS is impossible to repair after the patch (before patch, there was an oolacile spell that could) and can be buffed, but other than that, I've heard nothing.
However, if it came from the guide, it's worth looking into. They didn't make a full guide with special info just to be wrong. Of course, the patch made a lot of weapon values wrong, but it's still fairly reliable.
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Vincent_Streak answered:

You can't repair or upgrade any Crystal gear. The gimmick with all of them is really high base stats and I'm pretty sure you can use buff spells, butt they're very temporary since they can't upgrade or repair and have really low durability. You're better off getting a normal great sword and putting in the time to beef it up, even if it means have a little less power than the crystal for a while.
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