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How do I get the item I see on the broken stairs on Undead Asylum?

I can't figure it out...

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erdvilla answered:

It is the "Rusted ring" and you CAN'T get it until you leave the asylum and come back later. You get back as soon as you reach the church where the first bell is located, there is an elevator that will create a shorcut to Firleink from the elevator you can jump off it and land on a roof and go right, you will see a support arch to which you can jump-roll to land on it, climb the stairs and you will see a corpose with an item bellow on a roof, get that item and get back up via the elevator jump again, go to the crow's nest and curl and wait for 20 seconds until the Crow mom takes you back to the asylum.

With the key you picked from the corpose you can open the door on the upper part of those stairs and collect the very useful ring that allows you to run on water, extremely useful in Blightown's poisonous mud. Just be careful not to step on the center of the room where you fought the first boss if you are still underleveled because you'll be dropped into a fight with a much stronger boss, so just walk on the outskirts of that room towards any of both Bonfires.
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Cezovic answered:

Fisrt you will need to pick up a key that is in the firelink shrine (on the roof by the spiral stairs) then the key opens the gate that is up the stairs where the zombie pushes the boulder, continue round and go into the room where there is now a hollow knight and spearman. Behind them is the gate which the key opens, just follow the passage at the end of which is the rusted iron ring.
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