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How do I wield more powerful weapons?

Or diferent kind of weapons...
When I equip some weapons, the game tells me that I can not wield that weapon effectively withmy current stats.
What do I need to do to wield them?


Lcoz answered:

Dark Souls revolves around a soul currency system. You buy spells, weapons, levels, armor - essentially everything, with souls you obtain from defeating enemies.

All weapons have certain stat requirements you can either directly check in your inventory or in the wiki:

In order to level up your stats and eventually use more powerful weapons, you'll have to rest at a bonfire and select the level up command to spend souls for stat points. Once you've spent enough stat points to cover a weapon's use requirement you should be able to effectively use that weapon.

I recommend choosing few stats to focus on while leveling up. You may have a more difficult time playing if you spread your stats out and aren't particularly strong in any single field. This thread has links to PVP builds that you may find useful in making your own set:
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