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Asked: 2 years ago

Can i join the Darkwraiths?

when i got the lordvessel i went to the place where Frampt was and accidentaly fell in. Then i saw a place that said place Lordvessel and i did. i need to know if this stopped Kaathe from appearing at the Abyss.

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Yes. As far as I know, you have to meet Kaathe before placing the Lordvessel for him to appear in The Abyss.

If I might, always sacrifice 1 attunement slot for "homeward" just in case you fell into places where you simply can't get out of. Homeward bone works too but on the long run, 8k for 1 spell that lasts for the rest of your playthrough is a cheap but useful investment.

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You can't talk or interact with Frampt before killing the four kings. Then talk to kalthe.

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