Question from Sly_Cooper_14

Asked: 2 years ago

I don't see player's summoning signs anywhere can anyone explain?

Ever since anor londo i havent seen a single player's summoning sign, 2 guys helped me beat the boss and now they never appear anywhere. is it the covident im in? they just stopped so abruptly that no one has invaded me or i havent seen their signs in front of boss doors, or even other places ive already been for some fun co op. anyone plz help i need help to beat that lava centipede!!!

Accepted Answer

From: DocDelicious 2 years ago

It's likely that your SL is too high.

Average SL for the Centipede Demon is 50-65 and that's on the high end. If you're looking to Co-Op the optimum range for most of the bosses later in the game is SL45-60.

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