Question from mastablasta761

Can I get someone's help with fighting the Four Kings?

I've tried them about fifteen times now, to no avail. I actually made a new guy just so I can join the Darwraith after I beat them. (Only later did I learn that there is NG+) I am on ps3 on EST and SL 55. Just give me a time you can help me. And tell me where you are putting your summon sign.


the_real_king answered:

When can you be there?
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Rockband_King answered:

Im sure you beat it by now but if not, an easy way is if you summoned the witch beatrice to fight moonlight butterfly with you, you will be able to summon here to the four kings fight, for exact details look up dark souls wiki :) cheers and goodluck
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dante5384 answered:

I need help too. My SL is 69 and i tried using beatrice but still nothing.
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uki26 answered:

This is how I took them on...
Havels shield best magic resistance
Sunlight blade
Great magic barier
Green blossom
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kinger5555 answered:

Lightning does allot of damage just get a lightning weapon and join the sunlight warriors covenant to get the lightning spear then u should be able to beat them
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