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Where can I find a great sword that can be buffed and isnt as slow as zwei?

Right now im using a regular bastard sword with a zwei as the secondary, I dont know if the bastard sword is the most powerful great sword that is not as slow as the zwei and is about as fast as the claymore/bastard sword

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Im planning on using resins (rotten pine resin) and magic weapon, so thats why it needs to be buffable

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Dont have the DLC, Yet anyway, im planning on getting it in a month or so

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and it cant be requiring faith like great sword of artorias, because im planning on getting about 30 Int, 50 Strength, 40 Vit and End, and about 18 on Dex

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And everything else where it currently is

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Awhsum-Sauce answered:

The strongest buffable greatsword is probably the man serpent greatsword, if you have a lot of strength. It's of the same class of weapon as a bastard sword, has the same moveset, but it's a bit slower. If you have the DLC and not much more than 20 strength and 16 dex, you can use an obsidian greatsword, which has great base damage, but no scaling.
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Cezovic answered:

The most powerful enchantable sword is actually the Zweihander +15 as it is an ultra greatsword. Failing that you could try and obtain the Great sword of Artorias via an Ascended broken straight sword/ straight sword hilt. This is probably the best sword on the game as it scales well with Strength (C), Dexterity (C), Faith (B), and Intelligence (B) (Needs stats of 24 18 20 20) This sword has an added benefit of being clased as divine so it can kill the skeletons in the catacombs with out them reassembling.. Another good sword is the gold tracer although it is not very powerful the speed and the bleed build up is incredible.
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