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I appear to be stuck?

Okay, so I rang the first bell with the gargoyles, and I thought the second bell was in the cave area. So I made it all the way into the Tomb of Giants and got to a bonfire there. Its the bonfire right by the dude who pushes you down the cliff into the treasures. How do I get back up to firelink shrine to go ring the second bell? I can't find a way out to save my life.


Cezovic answered:

There should be a narrow path behind you gaurded by a giant skeleton and a giant skeleton archer, behind them is a ladder on top of which are 2 more giant skeletons, after that climb the ladders. Once you have reached the top stay left and you should see a soul of large proud knight. From there you should see the area you first came into TOTG drop down and there should be a narrow path of too one of the sides which take you back to the catacombs.
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LaudoSolis answered:

There will be a skull lantern down where patches kicks you down the hole. Equip it in your shield slot and use L1/RB to light the area. Follow the blue orbs up and you'll eventualy exit TofG. Then go to the other end of the valley in the catacombs to get to a place where a necromancer is. Kill him and work your way up and out of the catacombs
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