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Is Crown of dusk worth it?

I'm asking this because i want to know if the %30 more magic damage taken makes it worth more damage you make with magic, are there a lot of magic enemies that can one shot me with this on?

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Im currently using spears(lightning spear and great lightning spear) and will soon be using emit force and maybe even wrath of gods and karmic justice, but does it also increase buff damage? like sunlight blade and etc.

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shoe7ess answered:

I would say the pros far outweigh the cons. Realistically you are not going to be encountering many bosses that primarily use magic (save Moonlight Butterfly or Gwyndolin if you go that route), and even when enemies do use magic you should be blocking/dodging as you would if it were any other attack, so the increased damage shouldn't be noticeable. I would say this is arguably one of the best head pieces to wear as a magic caster.
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