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Any black colored weapons?

I'm plannin on making a character, who wears the darkwraith armor, but i would also want to know how many weapon there are that go with the look of the armor(all i know so far are: Quelaags Furysword and greatsword of artorias cursed and regular

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I also want the best over all damage weapon that is black

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And if you can, please list multiple weapons that you know are black

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Also a nice evil looking shield, im thinking blsck knight shield or blood shield

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I dont have the dlc, might get it in a month and no black knight weapons please


Cezovic answered:

Black knight great axe (depending on what your strength and equipment load is (weighs 16)), the most evil looking shield is the havels great shield (the only problem is that it weighs 26 and you need 50 strength just to weild it), Other black weapons are the black knight sword, black knight great sword, the black knight halberd, the abyss great sword (+10 sword ascended with the soul of artorias), and the Obsidian Great sword (tail of black dragon kalameet)
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rockn75 answered:

Personally i think the most evil looking sword is the gravelord sword. check it out with the dark wraith (also may i suggest, instead of darkwraith helm use the hood from gold hemmed, it looks sweet)
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