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Shotel, lightning +4 or chaos +5(and 10 humanity)?

im making a half PvE build and half PvP build, im using the shotel as a secondary, and a +15 weapon on the right, and thats why lightning +4 and not +5 because i need the slab


Leon388 answered:

Make it a +10 Fire and you'll be good. Fire is stronger than lightning and you don't need a normal slab. The only down side is it's a little harder to get red chunks because they are only in lost Izalith. It's worth the little extra effort in the end.
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Cezovic answered:

if you keep your humanity level up the chaos shotel is better than fire. The only thing is that the chaos ember is guarded by 6/7 minor taurus demons, and the red slab is guarded by 5 choas eaters and is located in sludge which causes poison build up. There are better quick weapons than the shotel like the uchigatana (kill the undead merchant), the iato in blight town (pass the first bunch of infested ghouls stick to the left and jump to the platform with the iato corpse), the washing pole (have to be a forest protector then talk to shiva in the garden then locate him in blight town swamps), or if you have DLC (artorias of the abyss) the gold tracer (kill lord's blade ciaran or give her the soul of artorias).
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haarlem1982 answered:

Usually, +15, or 14 in your case is always better
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