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How do I get a sword?

I'm very new to this game and don't really understand it, I'm just starting out in the offline mode and I chose the Warrior as my character and it started me off with this broken sword that does almost no damage, it takes me 2 minutes to kill one zombie (stabbing them in the back and everything!) anyways I'm at the part where I have circled back around to the door that leads to the first boos (after running away from him) and where you go up some stairs and encounter 3 regular zombies and then one with a bow and then one skeleton with a sword and shield I'm almost dead when I get to him and out of potions, there is a white door I could take instead but it leads to the boss. I don't know how to get a different weapon and still have not figured out how to upgrade my character. Please help me. Thanks so much!!


haarlem1982 answered:

In the boss room, you go left through a door, from there go through the next door. There is a guy shooting at you with a bow in that corridor. On your left you will find your shield, just behind the guy is an item lying on the ground, that's your sword.

Equip it by pressing start, right on your d-pad once, select the broken sword, press x, select your sword, press x again and presto! your sword
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Cezovic answered:

haarlem has said how to get your sword. The way you level up is via the bonfires (firelinkand after) and one of the sub menus is Level up, but each stat point that is put on costs souls which increases the cost of the next stat point.
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