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Can items drop when helping another player as a phantom?

To clarify I am asking if I am the phantom can items drop off bosses and such. I have done a dozen or so runs of the bull demon without seeing any sort of drops off him, havel or the black knight.


Cezovic answered:

The only way to get those items is for the host to pick them up and then get resummoned and ask the host to drop those items.
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rockn75 answered:

No, you can not receive any items whilst a phantom in another players world.
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The_Masked_Doll answered:

Friendly Phantoms and Invaders cannot get items as drops from computer player enemies. The host is the only one. However if the Host, Friendly Phantom or Invader goes into their item menu and drops an item it will appear for all others to possibly pick up, unless it's a unique like the Orange Charred Ring.
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