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So i am pvping and i was wondering should i use zweihander +15 or zweihander lightning or claymore +15?

And btw I am sl130 with 40str and 30 dex.


shoe7ess answered:

With so many points invested in Strength and Dexterity, you'll definitely want to stick to a weapon with high str/dex scaling. You'll be best off sticking to the normal upgrade path with the Zweihander or Claymore and buff it with resins/magic/miracles, because although the lightning/chaos paths may have a higher attack rating, your damage will be split between normal and lightning/fire, which means your damage must pass through two defenses when hitting an enemy (whereas a pure +15 would only need to pass through physical defense only). Lightning/Fire/Chaos is generally more beneficial if you have the minimum stats to wield a weapon, where weapon scaling would not matter, and dumping the extra stats into endurance, vitality, faith, or intellect.

As far as Zweihander vs. Claymore, that comes down to personal preference. Try both of them out and decide which one's moveset, style, and speed you find to be more fitting to your playstyle. Zweihander can break down an enemies shield defense quicker than the claymore, as well as inflict more damage per hit, but it takes more time/stamina to swing it than the claymore, leaving you more vulnerable to an attack/counter-attack.
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