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Asked: 2 years ago

Drakesword, Dragon-crest shield, Elite knight set, Havel's ring & Ring of Favor and Protection, what next?

So yeah, I have the gear listed above, tomorrow morning I'll probably have the gravelord sword too, I think I am SL 20 or 22 (Can't remember, too sleepy/tired to check). So I'll probably finish the gargoyle tomorrow morning too [I killed the (mini) tower knight and the mobs all around him for now), the question is, after I do that what gear should I get next in terms of weapon, armor, shield, rings etc etc and until which part of the game can I use this gear? Some help would be nice! :D

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Well, the sword will become less then useless after you ring the second bell (trying to avoid spoilers here), the rest of the gear is good enough to see you through the game if you want to keep it, as for a weapon, it very much depends on the build you're going for.

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