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(Kinda dumb question) build i plan to start and build advice?

I've never used any black knight or silver knight weapons before. So since i've heard you can get through the whole game with them and they have coll move sets, im going to make a build that can one habd each one and wear black/white/grey colors. Any advice with the weapons or armor set i should use most?


Cezovic answered:

The best Lightish armour is probably the iron set +15 (from killing solaire) but don't kill him until you have summoned him for assistance against Ornstein and smough. The best sword to pick up is probably the zweihander + 15 but you will need to be pretty quick to collect it in the first run as it is right at the back of the grave yard guarded by alot of skeletons. Depending on haow fast you get your Strength and endurance to 70+ then you will be able to don the Black iron/ Giant set. You will also need a high stability shield (starting Havel's is out of the question) the next best is The great sheild of Artorias (+10 shield ascended with the soul of Sif) or the Black Iron Greatshield.
For more info on weapons and Armours use the following Link.
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xXDarkxIdealsXx answered:

he said he's doing a black/silver knight build. what the hell does a zweihander , and solaire's armor have to do with black/silver knight stuff? just saying.

anyway, the best black knight weapon is the black knight halberd in my opinion. It's doesn't do as much damage as the black knight greataxe or ultra greatsword but it's much faster. If you want a weapon that's as quick as a great scythe or a halberd but a little stronger than a claymore then the halberd is good for you. If you want a weapon to hit reeally hard and don't mind it being slow then use the greataxe (the greataxe is a bit stronger AND faster than the greatsword so i'd reccomend it over the greatsword.)
The Black knight Sword is good if you don't want to put alot of points into stats (only requires 20 strength and 18 dex) but overall the other's are much better.

Silver knight wise, both the silver knight straight sword and the spear are good for dexterity builds, as they scale good with dex but not with strength. the spear is the longest in the game, and the silver knight sword can be buffed with magic/resin unlike any other black/silver knight weapons.

The best black/grey/white armor's for that type of build in my opinion are black knight armor (duh), ornstein's armor, gold hemmed (if you like light armor) but the best armor would be the paladin set, it's gold/white so you might not like it but it does look cool with you're weapon choices and provides great protection

TL:DR - in my opinion the Black knight halberd (strength) or silver knight sword (speed) and the paladin armor is best
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