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first playthrough, should I use the dukes archives shortcut?

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I've heard its a very helpful shortcut but i dont know if I should do it since its my first playthrough but it seems that place sucks to get through... help?

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can it be done with the mid roll?

AwesomeFace2012 provided additional details:

The elevator shortcut where you skip sceath's first encounter

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haarlem1982 answered:

Well, it saves you from an obligatory death, but you'll miss out on Logan's crystall spells if you care for them. Personally, think that if it's you're first playthrough you should just do it the way it's supposed to be done.
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Cezovic answered:

If you are refering to the switch you flip to move the book case that links the main section of the archives to the exit point then yes it is very useful, but taking into consideration your additional details I am unsure of what short cut you are referring to.
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