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What happens to items in bottomless box when you beat the game?

If you beat the game with items in your bottomless box do you lose them or do you just buy another bottomless box?


haarlem1982 answered:

Aside from any key that's not the masterkey and 2 rings they just stay there, there's not even any need to buy a new box, since you can access it at the very first bonfire in the Asylum.
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neohampster answered:

The game takes most keys, the doll for accessing the painted world (the DLC access item as well), the key to the underground seal, the crest of artorious, the ring of artorious, and the lordvessel from you when you go into a NG+. You still have your bottomless box and all items contained therewithin along with what you had equipped so long as it isnt one of those things I mentioned (and I might have missed one, if its a huge plot point or a massive world skip chances are they took it) you still have it in any NG+.
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