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What is the best strategy for smough and ornstein?

I cant play online so i cant summon anybody but solaire, Im a level 68 pyromancer. With stats of 30 vitality, 12 attunement, 21 Endurance, 31 Strength, 18 Dexterity, 15 Resistance, 12 Intelligence, and 12 Faith. My equipment is A lightning claymore plus 2 a fire murakumo plus 5, a tower sheild plus 5, a divine black bow of pharis plus 5, havels armor, havels ring,and the ring of favor and protection.
I dont know if its my stats or equipment but any opinions or tips would be grateful.
oh and im going for orsteins armor, and i can get to the second part of the battle easily.

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Thanks like 10 minutes after i posted this i beat them lol

Accepted Answer

Cezovic answered:

Try a bit of soul harvesting in order to put five more on your strength in order to weild the giant shield as it has better stability and lightning protection than the tower shield then buy it of the giant blacksmith for 8000. Although smough has weaker resistances he has considerably more health. As you want Ornstiens armour try and run past ornstein and hack into smough with your fire murakamo, save your pyromancies for big Ornstein and hope that solaire can survive long enough against small Ornstein for you to kill smough first. Alternatively you can wait for you next run (when your strength is higher) to take out smough first then.
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haarlem1982 answered:

Stay close to Giant Ornstein, just watch out when you see lightning on his spear, that means he will do his grab attack, just run betweenh his legs to get behind him. As long as Sol is still alive you can just pummel him with Great (chaos) fireball to do as much damage a possible (the Crown of Dusk and Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring will raise your damage trhough the roof) and as soon as Sol is gone, get up close and personal with Great Combustion.
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