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Does the Pyromancer have flame at start of the game?

I just made a pyromancer and in the creation screen it showed the flame but when I started I couldn't find the it, I played through the asylum and I still don't have it. Do I need to do something to get it?

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BxRad answered:

you definitely have pyromancy if you started as a pyromancer. You get it in the asylum after you talk to the guy who gives you the estus flasks and the key to the gate. after you pass the gate, on the right hanging over the edge there should have been a body with an item. that was your pyromancy flames. In fact that is where your ranged weapon when you start with any class that has one like pyromancer, magician, etc.

If you're talking about the actual spells, you just need to attune that at a bonfire
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