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Depths bonfire has gone out; why?.

My bonfire at the depths has gone out as Discovered when I got the kindle power and have been going around raising my bonfires while I have some extra humanity. There is no message or anything just a dead stick like the Firelink one from before. Please help. K.

duck21 provided additional details:

I have right of kindling, that's what I'm doing, going around to up my bonfires before new game+. SL 207, almost ready to finish game. I did kill the firekeeper at anor and the sun princes, but I got absolution. This bonfire in the little room near the basiliks and rats.

duck21 provided additional details:

I've been where an enemy is behind (or close) to me and the bonfire won't let me "rest", but it didn't "go out". Anyway, it's a 20 estus bonfire (or was) and I'd be able to see the flame at a distance, enemy or no. So I don't think it's that either. I will, however, go back down and kill everything in sight, just to make double sure, tonight after work. Thank you to both responders, but I will keep this open a bit longer.


Cezovic answered:

It depends if you are online or not. If you are it is probably some one about to invade (if you haven't killed the gaping dragon), If you have already killed the dragon or are off line, I have no idea why it is extinguished. Try quitting/turning off the system turning it back on then reload the game if it is still extinguished then you will have to wait till your next run and clear the catacombs first to ensure that you have the right of kindling before you enter the depths.
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Nwich1 answered:

I've found that bonfires go out if u are being followed by enemies. Sometimes in the depths the torch wielding hollows will come in after you. Make sure they are dead and you aren't being followed by anything else (slimes etc) and you should be fine.
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