Question from Smokegreen209

Can anyone help me?

Sl 67 I need help with 4kings lol my witch npc died on me psn is smokegreen209


jdoggokussj2 answered:

Im too high a level but my suggestion is put on your strongest weapon two handed and put on iron flesh and full havel armor.
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Sifthegreat answered:

If you still need help I'm level 78 so you should be able to summon me psn is N4TH4N__MAGEE
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the_real_king answered:

Dont summon beatrice. four kings get extra health for each summon, beatrice dosent put out enough damage to make a diffrence
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new_at_css answered:

Use the greater magic barrier it makes their attacks do hardly anything even on playthrough +6
always stay close to them as their physical damage increases when farther away
also use something that deals reasonable damage but doesn't take too much stamina to use like a uchi+15(katana)
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Miramoto answered:

Have enough poise to not get staggered by them but dont weigh yourself down to much that you cant run to them. Charcoal pine resin is good too
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