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Understanding my Bow?

I made 8 long bows

longbow +14
lightning longbow +4
divine longbow +9
occult longbow +4
magic longbow +9
enchanted longbow +4
fire longbow +9
chaos longbow +4

when i use just a regular wooden arrow the longbow +14 does the most damage. all my stats are 99, im soul level 713 so all bonuses are max. why doesnt a bow with other properties do more damage is it because only the arrow makes direct contact, i dont understand my bow?

sms_apex provided additional details:

I chose the long bow because it can be farmed theres only 1 black bow per playthrough

Accepted Answer

Sifthegreat answered:

One word scaling
The regular longbow +14 has a D scaling in strength and an S in dexterity iirc, therefore you're gaining added damage over the non scaling fire, lightning and chaos and the scaling on magic, divine, enchanted and occult must be inferior.
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Cezovic answered:

WHy did you chose the long bow over the bow of Pharis? As the bow of pharis has better scaling.
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