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Harder hitting spells?

Was wondering where I should put my skill points into to make my spells hit harder?

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INT i believe. However this is NOT the case for pyromancey spells

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Pyromancey- Upgrade your catalyst at trainers
Miracle- Faith
And all benefit with Attunement as it increases spell slots, though it's more important for Faith builds as it somehow allows you to combine the same spell with whoever your playing with. I'm not sure how well it works as I have not been able to combine my spells with anyone yet

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to boost your spells you need to boost your stats in different ways depending on your spell type:

Sorcery requires INT and upgrading your Catalyst will increase the effect INT has on your spells

Pyromancy starts with no boost but once upgrading your hand will begin to scale iwth INT, again, more upgrades mean more scaling.

Miracles scale with Faith normally BUT there is a Talisman that can be purchased from the pardoner (i believe) that will scale Miracle strength off of INTELLECT so it's still possible to use miracles on a strong mage/pyro build. this does not, however, relieve you of the faith requirement for the miracle itself, (homeward requires 18 faith to even use)

The effect Drakashin mentions is Miracle Reverberation and it is strongly suggested on other websites that it will be easier to do if you are in the same covenant as another cleric in your 'world proximity' and if you cast the same miracle in the same place as them, you may get a boosted effect. I have not seen Reverberation yet, that i am aware of, so cannot tell you exactly what it involves or is composed of for certain. However, by design, some of the more useful spells for reverb are too slow to use (heals) where they would be most helpful (boss fights).

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Sorcery requires and scales with INT.
Pyromancy does not scale at all. The flame may say it does, but it only increases the damage of when you punch somebody with it, which is useless. You must upgrade the flame at trainers to increase damage.
Miracles require and scale with FTH.

All three of them need some amount of attunement, as it increases how many spells you may hold at once.
And don't listen to the others about Miracle reverberation - when you are human, you may see white circles floating in off the ground, This is where somebody has recently cast a miracle; cast one while at this circle to increase the power of your own miracle. Most useful for healing when safe to, or miracles like Wrath Of The Gods when fighting another player online.

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