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Asked: 3 years ago

Major catacombs glitch?

Is there anyway for the staff or tech support of Dark Souls to move your character that is stuck? I found that if you fall down the secret path to get into the fat skeleton blacksmiths room inside of the Catacombs, and you haven't hit all the switches to lower the spikes on the bridges, you'll be permanently glitched stuck. There is no way out and I've checked several times. My bonfire was down in the giants tombs so I'm screwed. (lvl 60 character down the drain.)

Turning in this game tomorrow. The online is glitched and so is this piece of sheet game. lol

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SO..... you have an item in your inventory that will auto kill you and return you to your last bonfire. Which doesnt sound like much of a fix, but you can work your way back and NOT jump down somewhere you arent suppose to?

That's the best i can do.

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Or we could not throw a hissy fit just because we can't play properly?

Online is not glitched, it's not designed with the intention of playing with friends.
The Catacombs are not glitched, Patches turns a switch to make the last spike bridge impassible after you cross it anyway.

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I'm pretty sure you can get back up. Go up a bit past some floating skulls, then break an wall in a cave and there is an area with archer skeletons, a giant skeleton and a ladder that leads up to a necromancer which takes you right back to the cliffs near the first catacomb bonfire.

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Heha...that sukz

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