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Asked: 3 years ago

Can I join Blade of the Darkmoon if I have sinned?

Currently, im in Warriors of sunlight, but Im only hanging around for the lightning ^_^ I read that if you leave a covenant other than Way of White, it's a sin. And since Blade of the Darkmoon is about punishing sinners... can I go from Warriors of Sunlight to Blade of the Darkmoon? Or will I have "sinned" and not be accepted?

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You can have sin and join you just might get invaded by other darkmoons lol if you don't want win go to the guy in the bell tower and ask him to remove your covenant free of sin

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U can change covenant as often as u like, but it stacks your sin.
You can still join blade of darkmoon as long as :
-You havent killed gwyndolin.
-you havent bertrayed blade of darkmoon covenant by harming sunlight princess or gwyndolin. (in this case u can still join if you erase all sins at the guy in undead parish. Oswald carim.)

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