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Asked: 3 years ago

Is there a way to get items from enemies that have fallen off a cliff?

I was fighting Lautrec and he fell off the shrine, i can see a little orb with items at the bottom but i cannot reach them. Is there a way to get these items?

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Nope, I lost a chance at the Black Knight sword. There is no way to get them.

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if you quit, then load. The enemy will be dead and in its spawning place. Sometimes it will have the loot back on it.

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^ like MastaPokeCheff
I haven't seen if this is true but in Demon's Souls, if you quit then load, the item will return to the position of the owner.

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Yes, once you get the souls from the enemy that fell off the edge of something and died, quickly quit and reload your save and the loot will be there

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The quit and reload method doesn't always work, I baited Havel outside of his tower and when he swung at me he fell off the chipped part of the stairs outside, I was able to knock him off the edge with one arrow for the kill (one-shot on Havel at level 9 XD ), but when I quit and reloaded I went to his spawn and no loot.

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Something strange happened to me while playing on the Xbox, when I was fighting Pharis on the Crest of Astoria area, I ended up knocking him down the cliff, few seconds later I got killed by those tree guys. I respawned on my last bonfire, the one behind the invisible wall, and went back at the place of my death to get my souls, then I saw at the first place I've seen Pharis, the yellow thingy that he normally drops when killed, I went there and took the items normally. XD

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