Question from Midgard229

Asked: 3 years ago

Where can I find More Red Eye Cracked Orbs?

I used the 4 I found in fireshrine. one got used even though it failed invading....-_-.

Just need to know if there is another way to find them cuz i need it to kill lautrec, thanks!

Accepted Answer

From: Cheshirecat9 3 years ago

You need the abysswalker ring before going to see the 4 kings, btw.

There is a tower in Anor Londo, after you release the flood gates, that holds 6 red eye cracked orbs, if I'm not mistaken.

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Submitted Answers


When you get the lordvessal you should go to the abyss and kill the 4 kings, after that you will see darkstalker kaath join his covenant then you can buy cracked red eyed orbs and if you stay in his covenant he gives you a whole red eye orb, which I think has unlimited use.

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Also I just read the rest of your message, lautrec will kill your fire keeper in firelink shrine, but he will give you an orb, that is the only way to get to him, go to anor londo after you get the black eye orb.

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