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Asked: 3 years ago

How many souls do i need?

How many souls do i need to lv up from 70 to 100? also if you know the leveling system that would ne great.

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You need about 2 or 3 million souls, i think. hoping to get to 712 you'll need over a billion.

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Every level costs more souls than the previous. At lv 70, every level is gonna be easily over 100,000 so yeah, you're gonna need a couple million. I'd recommend the final area for grinding, or become a white phantom and help with bosses cause you get half the souls for winning.

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Hey, you asked for the leveling system, here it is

also, you might not need quite 3 million, in fact i just looked it up on this calculator:

You will need exactly 1,308,517 souls, so do not fret. it isnt that many

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