Question from Eduardhs

Asked: 3 years ago

Where Can I get Pyromancy glove besides from Laurentius?

I started the game with thief class and I accidentally hit Laurentius in the Depths. He turned hostile and I had no choice but to kill him. Can I get or buy the glove anywhere else?
Please Help... I'm desperate.

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From: guardian_owl 3 years ago

Not exactly correct either, you do not need to be in the Chaos covenant in order to get the flame.

Enter through the illusionary under the 2nd bell, answer YES to the first question Eingyi asks, and then talk with him until he starts repeating dialogue. Run back toward blight town and poke one of the two egg carriers to provoke him. Eventually he will do a grab attack which infects you with an egg parasite. Once the head parasite sprouts, talk to him again and you will gain his trust, he will give you an item to clear up the infection, and he will offer to sell more items to you. Talk to him again and he should offer to share his flame with you.

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You could start out as a pyromancer, get the stats as a thief & make the master key your gift, just a thought. ^^

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Yeah the only way to get it is to start as a pyromancer like kingkrown said or from Laurenius, otherwise you'll have to wait until your NG+ or if you restart.

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The other two answers are not correct.

You can also get a pyromancy glove from Eingyi, which you can access once you defeat Quelaag. In order for him to offer you the glove, you need to have at least 12 int. (Which is odd, since pyromancy damage does not scale with int) There is an illusory wall that you can clear right after you ring the bell past Quelaag. It's in a semi-obvious spot.

He offers you the glove after talking with him a couple of times while you are in the chaos covenant.

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