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What weapon does thief uses??

What weapon does thief uses, there arent alot of dex scaling weapons...what is the ultimate weapon and armour for thief?? thx

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The thief starts out with a dagger... but classes don't really mean much, only gives you starting stats and equipment. You make your character however you'd like :)

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The ultimate weapon for a thief is whatever weapon you play the best with!
If you're talking about getting the most out of a backstab or parry critical though, then at low levels (20-50), I find the bandit's knife very good. Make it divine or enchanted (so you still get a little scaling) and then equip hornet's ring for maximum critical damage. It has a critical value of 145 which is the highest that I've seen in the game. It is useless if you go up against someone who cannot be backstabbed, parried or has very high slash defense though.

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High dex thief roleplaying characters would do well with Priscilla's Dagger.
Upon bleed it will bleed half of the enemy's total hp (Bosses excluded, heavily armored enemies will receive much less bleed damage)

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