Question from kingkrown24

Asked: 3 years ago

All rare weapons?

Could someone list all the rare weapons and how to find/get them in the game?

Accepted Answer

From: Dagr123 3 years ago

Gargoyle Axe - cut gargoyle tail off
Dragonking Great Axe - cut gaping dragon tail off
Moonlight Greatsword - cut seathe the scaeless middle tail off
Dragonking Greatsword - cut tail of covenant leader for path of the dragon (wont make him hostile)
Drake Sword - cut / shoot drakes tail off
Priscilla's Dagger - cut Priscilla the crossbreeds tail off

the boss souls make severeal weapons the list above will help you acquire the weapons which are easily missable

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Also make sure you actually hit the everlasting dragons tail and not his body....

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