Question from Erfo

Asked: 3 years ago

Light halo in the catacombs?!?

Having a regeneration miracle equipped, if I go in the lower part of the catacombs, where the 2 archers are, there are 2 halos on the ground standing, one in the middle of where the 2 skeletons were, and one a little back in the corridor. They only appear with that miracle equipped, and a halo also appears in the middle of the miracle icon. Any clue?!?

Accepted Answer

From: 3DJutsu 3 years ago

It's an offline version of a resonance marker (similar to npc soul signs). When you're near a resonance marker and use the 'marked' spell, it becomes more powerful.

You should see them more often during online play. When someone casts a spell it sets down a resonance marker on that server.

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